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YOU Write : Aishat Oredola.

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Aishat Oredola believes as no 2 human beings have the same fingerprints; every writer has a unique writing style. She also mentioned that every thing she writes is penned from the fire of her soul.

Today on YOU Write, Aishat Oredola speaks about her writing style, Nigeria Literature, her favorite writers and many more.

P. S. Her greatest fear as a writer got me right in the heart.

1. Many people believe it is something that calls forth the writer in someone. What triggered the writer in you?

I’d say what triggered my writing was my reflecting spirit as a child. When I was little, I used to keep things to myself and think a lot. I later kept a diary and started penning down thoughts, before I spread my arms to fiction and poetry.

2.Why do you write?

I write to express myself and share my perspectives with the world. Writing relieves me. It defines me.

I write to express myself and share my perspectives with the world. Writing relieves me. It defines me.

Aishat Oredola.  @aish_dols

3. What do you think makes what you write stand out from what others write? The uniqueness of your works that mightn’t be found elsewhere.

Well I must say so many writers have brilliance and fire in their works but what makes me stand out is similar to how no two human fingerprints are alike except from alteration. So, I’d say that one singling out factor is my soul. I pen the fire of my soul.

4. What fuels what you write, what inspire and motivate your works?

Before my personal experiences, feelings, and thoughts, i’d say the creator. He taught all writers how to use the pen. He fuels what I write.

5.  Which do you prefer?Prose or Poetry?

I’m stuck!
I have a difficulty in picking favourites…especially when it comes to writing!
Anyway, I like prose better because I can put poetry in it too! (Laughs ) Eating my cake and having it.

6. I once heard “Poetry is for sad people, Music is for happy people.”

What’s your opinion?

I opine that poetry is what you make out of it. Vivacious people write poetry a lot to channel their liveliness. Poetry may be sad when someone’s sad. It’s not just for sad people at all. It’s what you bend it to be.

7.Who would you say is your greatest writing influence in terms of your own writing style and why?

Me. I’m my own greatest writing influence. Because I work on me everyday and try to make my own style from a collage of what I’ve experienced.

8. What do you think is the future of reading and writing in Nigeria, Do you think literature is underrated? And Why?

The future is bright for both. More Nigerian youths read nowadays and they’re now ebooks and audio books all around. Writing too. They’re lots of poets around now. We have a future!

Literature is underrated because I feel we can do more when it comes to studying and the number libraries/bookstores should be increased with proper maintenance.

There should be awareness on the benefits of reading. The youths should be the target because they’re the future leaders. Literature enlightens the mind.

There should be awareness on the benefits of reading. The youths should be the target because they’re the future leaders. Literature enlightens the mind.

Aishat Oredola

9. Books or Movies? And Why?

Tight corner again!
Can I skip? Hahaha thanks.
I love books (aids my imagination), I love movies too (especially for the action genre)

10. Writing with gadgets or pen and paper? And Why?

I use my pen too but it’s easier using gadgets because I can share electronically with ease. Else, I’d write down and rewrite on my gadgets to share.

11.Your favourite writers. And Why them?

*Sidney Sheldon* – He is brilliant and realistic. His writing style is direct and imaginative yet so catchy and hooking. I’ve learnt how to dig deep for knowledge from his style. How to face the dirty reality of life. He deserves the hype.

*John Green* – He’s enlightened. He’s philosophical and bright. I learn a lot from his works and question life in ways I never imagined.

*Nnedi Okorafor*– She works well to fuse culture with motivation and knowledge in her works

*Rainbow Rowell*- She makes you glued

*John P. Foppe*- One of the best motivational writers ever. He has no arms yet writes but not only that, he cooks, drives, dresses up by himself. John’s book, What’s your excuse? is amazing. It tells his childhood up until adulthood struggles as a human with no arms.

*Nora Roberts* – She is a good describer and relationship Queen. Hahaha.

*Naima B Robert*- down to earth. Honest. Hopeful. Optimistic. Brilliant. She’s a woman who lost her husband yet resurfaced.

*Nawal El Saadawi* – Fearless writer. Activist. Psychiatrist. She’s brilliant and intelligent and unafraid. I like her writing. Even after half a century, her works vibrate. I don’t really go with all her opinions but she’s good.

I still need to do a lot of reading but the above are some of my favourites.

12. What is your greatest fear as a writer?

To derail from my intention to write.

My greatest fear as a writer is to derail from my intention to write. 

Aishat Oredola. 

13. What 2 advice would you give other  writers?

I’d say. Write.

Honestly, writers should just write, because you only are able to write more when you start. Better ideas will come later. Make do with the tools you’ve now. And kill laziness, it’s a fuel for writer’s block.

Second advice. Read.

If a writer reads, it will broaden their mind and scope. Writers are fuels for writers. Writers should read wide, dig deep, gather information. You can’t give what you don’t have

14. Are you currently working on any project, Where and how can people reach your works?

I am. I always try to.

On blogs, and on Instagram (@aish_dols) . (For now)

Soon on Okadabooks and Amazon. And when I publish paperbacks, by God’s grace, in bookstores! Ha! (Optimism)

15. If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?

Hmmmm, maybe a full time artist.



Aishat Oredola is a graduate of cell biology and genetics from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

She enjoys reading and writing Poetry and Prose in Fiction and nonfiction.

You will find her Instagram page filled with beautiful words on @aish_dols



Are you a writer? What’s your greatest fear as a writer? Comment Below!

?, Zyzah.



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    Sommiie says:

    Okay wow! First of, I’ve never felt like a dumbass more than I did reading this. This girl has two working brains. It’s not fair!
    Secondly, if you ever want to switch career paths, try ghost writing for a rapper. I am still shocked I didn’t see “battle rapper” among the things you do. Sick pen game, sick!
    Your list of authors scared me, I won’t even lie. I smiled when I saw Nora Roberts though, she’s kept me company, a lot.
    Finally, I hope to walk into a bookstore and see your paperbacks someday. People like you end up being national treasures, don’t give up.

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      Her list of authors wowed me too!! ?
      Thanks for stopping by ?!

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