What Are You Reading This Ramadan?

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Reading nourishes the soul. Of course, you’ve already heard this, but have you started reading something to nourish your soul this Ramadan?

“An activity that brings about joy is for you to read a book and develop your mind through the acquisition of knowledge”

β€” Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni, Don’t Be Sad.

Whatever you decide to read, you already should know the Worthiest of Books should top your reading list. Al Quran Kareem

And I’m not just talking about just recitation without understanding, I’m talking about inhaling Allah’s words, reflecting upon them and applying the lessons to your daily life even after Ramadan ends.

For many years, Reciting the Quran was the only reading I did during Ramadan, it’s the only month that makes me ditch my novels.
Reading the Quran is a rewarding act, for each letter recited is 10 rewards! So building mansions of rewards by reading The Quran was my Ideal Ramadan.

It changed last year, I fell into Islam all over again and when Ramadan came, I wanted an impact on my soul. I wanted to do something with my soul, reciting the Quran will earn me rewards during Ramadan, an impact on my soul would bring rewards even when Ramadan ends.


I decided on Quran Tafsir (Detailed translation and explanation of the Holy Quran) and a Book titled Don’t Be Sad by Aaidh Ibn Abdullah Al-Qarni (May AlΔΊah reward him abundantly).
Reciting the Quran and understanding the words I’ve recited felt to me like shattering the barrier between me and Allah.

Reflecting on Allah’s words reestablishes and strengthens your connection with Him and that is what Ramadan is about, strengthening your connection with Allah.
Whatever you do this Ramadan, whatever Habits you inculcate, whatever book you are reading. Don’t do it just for the month. Do it so when Ramadan ends, you still have something to hold onto. Maybe a new good habit, an increase in your Taqwa, a better understanding of Quran, a better outlook of Dunya..

Reflecting on Allah’s words reestablishes and strengthens your connection with Him.

Ramadan isn’t just about earning rewards, it’s about having a long lasting impact on your soul, fill it up with Allah’s Love. You know how to fill up your soul with Allah’s Love? By learning about Allah. The more you learn about Allah and the Blessed Men and Women he had created, the more love in your soul, the stronger the connection you have with Him, the more conscious you are of your deeds.

Ramadan is the best time to do that.

It’s rewarding to finish the Quran Once, twice and five times but if you don’t understand what you recite, try giving your time to understanding the Powers and Majesty of Allah in His words,.
You could read Islamic books too, there’s something about Ramadan, about fasting that humbles the soul, that opens the soul to good and allow words to reach the depth of your soul especially if you are with the intention of making Ramadan to charge up your Iman.

“One’s faith will increase when one reads beneficial books especially books written by practicing Muslim writers. The book is the best giver of sermons and it has a forceful effect in guiding one towards goodness and away from evil.”

β€” Aaidh ibn Abdullah, Don’t be Sad

This Ramadan, feed your soul with words that will live with you forever, that will develop your mind, that will help you have a better Islamic outlook on life, that would convince you to shed your bad habits, to take up good habits, to see God as the One, as the Majesty as the only Permanent and Perfect Being.

What Will I Be Reading This Ramadan?

This Ramadan, apart from the Quran and Quran Tafsir. These are the books I’d be reading. In Sha Allah.

DON’T BE SAD by Aaidh Ibn Abdullah al-Qarni

I read this last year, I’d be rereading it again.
Don’t be sad contains Quranic verses, Hadiths, Sunnah and examples from the companions, Scholars and People whom Allah Had guided, all combined together to teach people how to deal with tests and tribulations of the world.

This is such a marvelous book, when anyone asks for a recommendation on what Islamic book to read, this is what I recommend first.

RECLAIM YOUR HEART by Yasmin Mogahed

I love Yasmin’s articles and lectures, you should follow her on social media to have a taste of her words.

Reclaim Your heart is a self-help book filled with articles by Yasmin Mogahed on how to have an Islamic outlook on life and strive for hereafter.



Well, this doesn’t mean these are the only book to be read during Ramadan, I may dive into non Islamic books too. And In Shaa Allah, after Ramadan. I want to develop a new habit of reading at least one Islamic book every month. (May Allah make it easy for me)

Inculcate the habit of reading beneficial books in order to develop your mind and nourish your soul, get a beneficial book to read this Ramadan, there are epublications, you can get those online, you can walk to Islamic bookshops and grab a book too.

And Don’t forget to read the best of Books

“This is the Book the Quran sent down unto you, so let not your breast be narrow thereform that you warn thereby and a reminder unto the believers”

β€” Quran 7:2

Nay Allah make it easy for me and you and may He accept our fasts.
May He forgive us, shower his mercy upon us and help us to build a stronger relationship with him.

Always Remember the Ummah in your Duas.



What are you reading this Ramadan? Share with me, tell me about it too.

?, Zyzah.

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