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LRM_EXPORT_118409055794936_20190121_085608822.jpegEvery time I’m on Twitter, my brain gets ready to see another stupid, insensitive or shallow tweet, comment or as they it is now euphemized “opinion”. I don’t have problem with people saying or speaking how they feel or what they think, I’m always curious about what people think and how they feel and it gives me joy when someone confidently raises their voice to speak. I, however, have a huge problem with people who justify the stupid words that spout from their mouths as “yen, yen, freedom of speech. I can say anything, is it your mouth?”

Honestly, the words that come from some people’s mouths need to be slapped out of their brains.

On Being Free To Have an Opinion.

You’re free and entitled to an opinion, you’re free to say Wizkid is new Fela. But first, where is your opinion coming from? Based on facts, and knowledge of what Wizkid has accomplished over the years, based on how he makes you feel? How he transports you to a new whole vibe? Based on his good singing voice and style, based on the awards, based on knowing who Fela is, like before you say Wizkid is the new Fela, is it because you really mean it, that you really think that if Fela was alive, he would say hey come Wizkid, I want to dash you my name OR IS IT based on you being a fan, a stan. Is it because you see him as an idol, because he reminds you of how popular you would like to be, is it because you wished he was your boyfriend or your brother or any other shallow reason?

Also, before you have an opinion like Wizkid is overrated. You are also free to say that too. But where is the opinion coming from? is it based on facts? Is he not good enough, compared to? Is it because you don’t find his music enjoyable or because you know people who can actually be him and be better if given the opportunity or IS IT because you wish you was him but you aren’t him, is it because the girl next door you don’t like much like him too much or the influencer you hate on twitter is always talking about him?

If your opinion is based on proper thinking and reason and facts, whether they agree or not. Bro, you are free to speak it, but when your opinion is from a shallow foundation, a faulty thinking. Bro, sit down and think again.

Freedom of Speech makes people lazy.

We misuse it a lot, this ‘freedom of speech’. Freedom of speech makes people lazy to think, they think that since everyone is free to talk, since anyone can say anything, they too, can say anything without knowledge, without thoughts, without ruminating and building up a foundation for their opinions. Thinking is hard work, speaking without thinking is laziness.
The point is your opinions matter only after proper thinking, after a solid foundation on the topic you speak of, your point matter if the root from where your opinion sprouts is nourished and watered with knowledge and awareness. If you’ve heard and read and listened.
Don’t come to say “Depression is for rich people or poor people are people who chose to the poor” because your opinion is based on ignorance or stupidity. Both can be cured.

Your opinions should come from a knowledgeable place, your opinion should be watered and groomed. Your opinion shouldn’t come out of nowhere. Especially when it comes to trending/ controversial topics.
Because something is trending and everyone is talking about it doesn’t mean you have to speak too, doesn’t mean you have to follow the trend. Think, look for facts, listen, read and grow your opinions.

Your opinions should come from a knowledgeable place, your opinion should be watered and groomed.

And don’t be scared when your opinions are unstable or changing, it’s a good sign. Sometimes you need to rebuild you opinions, sometimes you need to demolish it, sometimes you need to just repaint or furnish. As long as you’re learning and thinking and thinking and learning and thinking.

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