My Opinion. Your Opinion. Whose Opinion is Correct?

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My truth is not your truth neither do my opinions have to be in tandem with yours. And don’t fucking scream your opinion in my face because you need to prove your opinion is correct/better unless you have sat down to think. To really think, reflect and ponder.

Azeeza A.


When people talk about speaking truth, or being honest, or speaking opinions they often don’t realize that many people can speak truth and still have their truth differ from others. The point isn’t to tell the truth. The point is to make sure what you think is the truth is the truth.

What if my sunglasses makes the sky appears yellow and yours makes it green. Does it mean I’m incorrect and you are wrong?

No, you need to be able to see through my glasses too. And don’t think your glasses is better than mine. You need to acknowledge my glasses too, that way we can both realise we see different things without dragging each other, that way we can both realize the sky is actually blue if we discard those sunglasses.


I really like the Blind Men and Elephant story, 5 blind men were trying to describe an elephant and they described it based on the part they could feel and touch best. One described the animal based on his trunk, the other based on his head, another on his legs…

They were speaking about the same elephant but that had different descriptions for it. Do you see that? I really love the depth in this simple story.

You know what I realized? Many people are just blind, like the blind men. Sometimes I’m blind too. But it’s not cool when a blind man screams his description of an elephant at someone’s face as though his description is better.

You know what I realized again, we need to work on our eyes, work on how we see things, get some glasses, get a surgery, anything, fix our eyes and see for ourselves, make sure we aren’t blind. Make sure you just don’t conclude that one of the 5 men is correct and the others are wrong.

Please don’t come here in front of me, after you’ve felt one part of an elephant and then scream the description to me. You need to be able to listen to all what the blind men have said, and then confirm what they have said. Don’t just listen to a blind man, stand in front of me and start screaming your ‘opinion’ in my face.

Because you and I have different opinions doesn’t necessary mean I’m stupid, doesn’t mean I’m blind or less intelligent. It doesn’t mean you are better, or smarter or more intelligent.


It may mean that you have just touched one part of the elephant , and until you are able to listen to all those 5 blind men, without prejudice, until you are able to go out yourself, confirm what those blind men have said. And then form your opinion, then please, don’t fucking scream your opinion in my face or anyone’s face. Say you opinion, but please don’t scream it.


I know it’s hard, to go around for yourself, to see the elephant for yourself when 5 blind men could come to you, tell you what they saw and you could go with the one whose description suits you best, the description you love best, or whose voice you love best. But know that the feeling that comes from going out of your way to see the elephant for yourself before concluding what the elephant looks like is an extraordinary feeling. It’s a liberating feeling.

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