My Shawarma Story : From Embarrassment to Lots Of Laugh.

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It was final year, I think we were working on our project or perhaps we were writing exams. I can’t remember. But I remember the school had the whole β€˜Hmmmm, we thank God” mood

Hmmn, we thank God o.

I was hungry that night. I’m sorry, I lied. I was not hungry, I was just craving Shawarma. I told K, my friend about this sudden cravings.

A story for another day, but I hated to go out alone and K is a beautiful friend. She makes everything fun and I knew we were going to talk and talk and laugh even though it was what we were doing before my cravings knocked.

I convinced K to go with me. She doesn’t even eat Shawarma, she’s a village geh (Joking. My friend, sadly, has never left the city πŸ˜‘) but she loves me. So K slipped her legs into her black Fenty Puma and off we went.

The sky was rumbling and we knew it may rain. But I ignored it and I prayed K would ignore it too because I needed that Shawarma in my life. She did. We laughed our ways to M&M, a popular restaurant at Keffi, Nasarawa State.

We ordered the Shawarma, sat down and waited for its preparation while we continued talking away, unaware that we were few minutes away from experiencing the most embarrassing moments of our lives.

Now, the sky is rumbling hard and our Shawarma is ready. And again, I ignored. K ignored. We left M & M’s while my brain starts to savour the imagination of me eating my Shawarma while K watched me.

The rain started, Now, we were at the school gate and it poured and there’s no school bike or keke. Where did they all go?Yea right, they couldn’t stay in the rain but. My Shawarma, my effing Shawarma.

Oh Lord, Please save my Shawarma

Cars were going through the school gate, and I thought, as a smart person that I am, that we could wait by the road side, stop a car and get a free ride to the hostel instead of waiting for the rain to stop. I informed K. She said yes , β€œyou’ll be the one stopping it though”

I agreed.

Now guys, we’ve stopped a car and it’s right in front of us. And two guys were in front, one at the back. I said hi with my largest smile and opened the car door and entered while I waited for my friend to join me.

Then the guy that said hello when I said Hi looked at me like I was the craziest shit he’s ever seen.

β€œI’m sorry, we are here for someone.” He said.

I looked beside me and the someone was at the door.

I was confused. I stopped the car na. I stopped the car 😒

I got down guys. I got down from the car and it was so embarrassing because I could hear people laugh( my village people were laughing in my head).

I realized that the car I had stopped was actually there for someone else. She got into the car and she didn’t say hi or sorry or something to make me feel less embarrassed. She just entered, I’m sure there was a smirk on her face.

They drove off. Leaving me and K and the Shawarma.

Wtf just happened?

β€œK, what just happened?” I asked.

K just started laughing. I was so pained. We found our way to the hostel after the rain stopped. We told everyone about our embarrassing tale and there were laughs, I even called my friends on phone just to tell them. I was pained and hurt but talking to other people about it and hearing them laugh just dissolved everything I felt and replaced it with humor.

I laughed hard guys. I didn’t enjoy the Shawarma because we were storytellers and our listeners were invited to join the Shawarma party. So we ate together, it was bittersweet. In fact, we ate it like moinmoin.

I told K I pray I never see the guys and girl before we leave the school. I was sure it would be more embarrassing. Like are you that crazy girl that got into our car?

Sometimes, during phone calls with K. I say hey K, remember our Shawarma story and we start laughing hard.

The picture with the teddy is what made me remember this story again. K gave it to me and I was trying to sew his torn ear back to his body and I just remembered our shawarma. I started to laugh hard. And now, I have a fresh cravings for Shawarma.

I hope you enjoyed the tale?

I’m sorry, if you were expecting a moral of the story. There’s none.πŸ™

Not all stories need morals before they should be told, it’s the first rule of storytelling. That I just made up. πŸ˜‰

Hii, I’m curious to hear from you!

Kindly drop a comment or feedback.

Meanwhile, do you have an embarrassing moment you don’t mind sharing? Let me hear β™₯

πŸ–€, Zyzah.

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