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Hey! We want to hear you!

Is there an actor or a co worker you’ve been crushing on lately and you want to tell us why?

Are you angry about something you’ve just read on twitter or seen on news?

Is there a life hack you know and you want to share?

Do you want tell us about the man in the taxi who kept picking his nose?

Have you seen a beautiful movie, read an awesome book or listened to a great song and you want other people to know about?

We would like to hear from you! You can contribute by sending your pieces to

P.S This is an opinion blog and we do not accept fiction.

Submission Guidelines

  1. We currently have 5 categories, which are Literature, Life Hacks, Rants, Personal and Music/Movies/Entertainment and submissions should fit into any of the five categories.

2. Submissions should not be more that 1500 words. (We are trying to be as user friendly as possible)

3. Submissions can be sent as text, or in pdf/word format to

4. Submissions should include your name, head shot and a short bio of at least 100 words.

5. You can add your website/social media links in your submission.

Thank you.

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