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BATHROOM FALLS // This Is My Fight Proem!

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Sometimes I cry about things I usually laugh about;
When I fell in the shower August, December and even last month
Found myself laughing so hard,
Told everyone, made them laugh too.

But Yesterday,
When I fell in the shower….Laugh melted to tears,
Tears for my fall…and the fall last month, the one in August and December too,
The falls I had during battles that happened only in my head…. And the falls I had when I was too tired to carry my soul around.

But Yesterday, when the tears stopped pouring.
I got dressed,stepped out, like I never fell in the shower.
I tried guessing from people’s faces,
Who might have fallen in the shower too.
It made me laugh.

Today, I screamed at the bathroom,
“Come again, Stupid fall, I got a whole lot of fight left it me”
Now, my voice is recorded in the walls of the bathroom,
Every morning , it would remind me of my strength.

?, Zyzah

Do you sometimes cry about things you usually laugh about?

I remembered there was a time I cried because someone said to me “You are too skinny” , I usually laughed about it. (Oh, It was a long time ago)

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