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Aeesha Yusuff on “YOU” Read.

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Aeesha yusuff

The first thing that struck me on @thatothernigeriangirl ‘s Instagram page is that rose-gold and white theme that was peculiar to most of her booktography (Book Photography).

Aeesha Yusuff

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Aeesha is a Bookstagrammer based in Abeokuta, Nigeria.

In this conversation with her, she reveals she loves fiction because it provides her with a non-creepy alternative to get into people’s head!

Ayeesha Yusuff . Book blogger. Book reviewer.  Literature in Nigeria.  Bookstagram

What book(s) incited your love for reading ? And what age was that?

I can’t really remember. I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember. I’ve had phases of genre though.

What Two Books Would You Say really CHANGED Your Life?

Hmmmm, this one is hard o, but the first African literature I read, The Joys of Motherhood by Buchi Emecheta was golden,
A House Without Windows by Nadia Hashimi did something to me too.

A Book You’d Love Everyone To Read. And Why?

Damn! You are asking hard questions but yes The Moor’s Account by Laila Lalami.
I recommend that book especially for African Muslims in diaspora for the first time. I saw myself in that book, entirely.

Bookstagram Nigeria

How do you choose the books you read? Anything you lay your hands? Recommendations? Based on a subject you are curious about at the moment?

Recommendations, from my friends and bookstagram peeps, books with catchy synopsis, books written by authors I’ve previously heard great things about, sometimes I just gamble.


Fiction or Non Fiction? And Why?

Fiction! Though I’ve started dabbling into more non-fictions these days, fiction has a way of taking you away from your own reality, giving you another life, another person’s Point of View, another person’s brain. Sometimes, I get bored of my own head, I always want to get inside other people’s head and fiction provides me with non-creepy way of doing that; otherwise, I’ll just be looking for ways to get into other people’s head. Laughs

Paper Backs, Ebooks or Audio Books? And WHY?

Paperbacks!!! Forever! I love them and I prefer them but especially since I’ve been very busy with school these days, I don’t like carrying my books around because they get dog-eared so I’ve been relying on Ebooks to keep me sane.
I haven’t tried audio books so I don’t really know.

Classics or Contemporary? And Why?

I like mixing things up. So Both.

Do you reread books? And Why?

I reread some books, I only re-read books if I’m completely smitten by that book. For example, I’ve read Joys of Motherhood three times.

Would you rather be a publisher or author? And Why?

Ermm, Both. Like I said, I like mixing things up.

Aisha yusuff

The Book or The Movie?

Books AND movies. I get to compare and rant my head off when the movies do the books justice or not.

Why do you love books? How does reading books make you feel?

I don’t really know why I love books but like I said earlier, they help me leave my own head thus maintaining my sanity. I tend to think too much; it drives me crazy. Books help me maintain that thinking chore but in another person’s or character’s head.

In what way do you think reading has benefitted you?

I know more words now (Laughs). People think I’m smart because they see me with books and also boys are beginning to run farther away from me.

What’s your definition of A Good book and BAD book?

If a book catches my attention from the first sentence till the last, that’s a good book. If a Book doesn’t catch my attention till its 100th page. I sadly declare it a bad book.

Do you ever regret reading a bad book? Or any book that isn’t even bad?

Yesss!! Because I’ve spent valuable time on it but on the plus side, every Author deserve to have their books read

Who are your Favourite Authors?

Most of favourite authors are women and they are too many.
Laila Lalami
Buchi Emecheta
Ama Ata Aidoo
Ayobami Adebayo
Nadia Hashimi
Nouman Ali Khan
Yaa Gyasi
Nnedi Okorafor
Meg Cabot
Khaled Housseni
Well, I like Chimanmanda Adichie too but she’s not a fave.

Do you read poetry? Why do you think poetry are barely read by a lot of bibliophiles?

I read and love poetry. A lot! I recently discovered some poets last year and they made my 2017. Well, most people think poetry is only Shakespeare and Wole Soyinka. Kinni and some people are getting angry at the misuse of the word poetry, people are just writing sentences and breaking them into paragraphs then call it poetry, It’s a two-way thing.
Poetry to me is anything that grabs me by the hand, goes into me and settles in my belly.

Poetry to me is anything that grabs me by the hand, goes into me and settles in my belly.
—Ayeesha Yusuff

There is a bend in the reading culture amongst Nigerians, how do you think reading culture can be promoted?

Bookstagram is doing a great job of promoting reading in Nigeria and I’m very glad that Nigerian Bookstagram is on the rise. Also book events and book festivals are increasing reading awareness in the country so that’s a win-win.

In your opinion, why should we read books?

To live the stories of others. This world can be so selfish at times that we only think about ourselves. Books can provide avenue to learn the stories of others and live it.

What’s your definition of being well-read?

Well, well-read is cliché in my honest opinion, if you take time to read anything, it doesn’t even have to be a perfectly written literature text sef, you are well read

Aeesha Yusuff recently graduated from Federal University of Technology, Abeokuta where she studied Biochemistry. She’s a bookstagrammer and she reviews books.

She taps energy from ranting and has a PhD in ‘being dramatic’.

She dabbles in ‘being a dope individual’.

You can find her on instagram on @thatothernigeriangirl

All pictures belongs to Aeesha Yusuff @thatothernigeriangirl


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