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Happy Weekend Lurvs??!!

So last week, I was ranting about the increasing rate of Trolling on Twitter in my head, it was too much for me alone. No!!! I can’t be doing this alone.
AH!!Yasss My Blog. So instead of just ranting about some dumb critics on social media, I came up with other sets of people I usually rant about, I was able to fit them in 5 categories and Yay, A blog post is ready.?

DISCLAIMER :This might not fit well for some people. Well, this is just a rant, a personal opinion that might not be your own opinion. Edakun, I’m not Perfect either, and there’s Freedom to Rant. Or there isn’t?


These are the negative people, they cynically explode negative vibes and they do it with a confident but cockeyed plausibility that you unconsciously start to let their words dig your skin.

These people aren’t bad people, but me being a very optimistic person, I try to see things in the most positive ways (Well, sometimes I can have absurd optimism), I do not like people tampering with my positivity.
Killjoys are like Leeches, they suck positivity and as if that’s not enough, they replace it gross negativity. They can’t help but distribute negativity and most of them do not think they are negative, well the truth is hard on people, so their negativity is to them is ‘A bitter truth’.

I’m not negative, I’m just objective…Yen. Yen. Yen.’


What do you want to become in future?

X Says Poet, Writer.

Killjoy: Eh, hehehe. Poet ke? My friend, open your eyes o, this is 21st century, not Shakespeare’s century when you can live on being a writer. Your mates are dreaming of becoming millionaires, become a millionaire or a celebrity, write a book. Boom. You’ve killed several birds with a stone.

Did I offend you before???

By the way, Killjoys might sometimes have some iota of truth in their negativity but their mouth deliver it in a way that kills your joy.
Hello Killjoys, can you tell your friends the truth without shattering their joys, learn how to deliver your ‘truths’ without shaming their joys. Thanks

The Prophet (SAW) in Sahih Bukhari is reported to say ‘Speak good or remain Silent’

Speaking the truth is speaking good too, but delivery really matters. I don’t think there would be any Muslim if the Prophet (SAW) hadn’t master how to speak Good.


Sometimes I am ignorant, for example. I don’t know the name of the current president of Libya but I know I don’t know, I accept I don’t know, that’s a second-degree ignorance, because after typing this I will search Google and I will know.

Google rocks: And the President of Libya is Muhammad Magariaf.??

We can be ignorant in some cases. We are always ignorant about something, and that’s okay as long as you accept you don’t know, as long as you are ready to know.

The I-KNOW-IT-ALL will never accept they don’t know, they won’t accept their opinion is tainted, they speak nonsense about some stuffs with so much conviction that if you are not really careful, they curl that nonsense around your brain. And most of these people might even be some kind of intellectuals under the illusion that their opinions can never ever be wrong, these people when they have a wrong opinion cemented in their hearts, there’s no way you can convince them it’s a wrong opinion, there’s no way you can convince them they lack knowledge to even form an opinion in the first place.

Examples are some Liberal beings who speak about how Allah is a misogynist for prescribing headscarf for Muslim women and not Muslim men.


Zee: I don’t wear my headscarf for men.

Zee’s Liberated Friend: No, you do. You don’t want to accept you do, you have been brainwashed to think you actually don’t wear it for them. You wear it for them, to protect their lust, and you have to be objective Zee. Don’t be blinded by religious duty. You know the truth in your heart, you wear the headscarf for men, and I don’t really see anyone who accepts the headscarf as objective at all. Remove the blindfold Zee, remove the headscarf and enjoy genuine freedom. Headscarf is not freedom, it’s an illusion placed on Muslim women to devalue their bodies and souls.

Thank You!! Anti ITK

“And he (Moses) said: I seek refuge in Allah from being one of the ignorant

(Surah Al Baqarah 2:67).


I still don’t think this is an accurate name for these people but since I can’t find any better than this. Let’s stick to this. The follow-follow are those who can’t reason on their own, they wait for others to reason and gladly follow them and most of the time, these follow-follow follow the majority opinion- celebrities, the witty public speaker…….
I don’t agree with everything, not anymore. So when you say something witty, I think it through before I accept it is witty. Follow-follow follow the crowd without reasoning. They swallow everything and this really irks me. I think my example should explain them better.


Kanye says Taylor is a bitch

Follow-follow: Oh yea she’s a bitch (If Kanye says something, it is true for them.)

And please don’t bother arguing with them if you don’t want a headache.

X: But Taylor is nice, she supports other artists…

Follow-follow: That is fake, she is fake, even Kim knows she’s a bitch. Selena knows her best friend is a bitch.

It’s always about what others say.

And If The Next Day
Kanye says ‘Oh, it just a lyric. I didn’t really mean it’

Don’t bother arguing with them if you don’t want chest pain or even emphysema.

Y: Well, to me, Taylor is a bitch, she didn’t even support Selena and Abel’s relationship’

Follow-follow: Taylor isn’t a bitch really. I didn’t support that relationship either, she knew the relationship might not last. She has a sweet heart… she is a nice soul.?

2.Why did you choose to be a Muslim?

Follow-follow: Hmmm, I just chose to be a Muslim.

X: No, No. Like a reason?

Follow-follow: Tor, my parents are Muslims, even my forefather and ancestors were Muslims, so you see, it’s a family thing. Our family’s religion.

Aiyee Mi, where did I know this type of person ?

And follow not (O man, i.e., say not, or do not, or witness not) that of which you have no knowledge (Surah Al Israa 17:36)


As a Muslim, my religion already frowns on this, it’s a sin to backbite, a chapter was revealed to forbid this sin.

If I wasn’t even a Muslim, I would still hate backbiting anyways.
It’s okay to have a negative opinion about someone else, but don’t pretend to be nice in front of them when all you do is talk nasty behind them. Backbiters are double-faced, they say to your face the opposite of what they say behind your face, they fake smiles, they ruin your image, they spread calumny, they are bad, they don’t like you, they envy you, they admire you too much, it breaks their heart, they find peace when then dip your name in soggy mud. Behind you.
Although some backbiters might be correct with what they say behind you, they are still backbiters because they don’t have the nerve to say it in front of you.
If backbiting doesn’t help the person you backbite change to be better, then you are doing something wrong, what’s the point of spreading (false) negative about others if they don’t even know you have a negative opinion. Don’t be a coward, say how you feel in front of them, not behind them.
Hey Backbiters, get a life too. Don’t be an ass.

One sugo once told me, “but we all backbite”. I told her I don’t backbite, but I gossip, sometimes.

Know the difference between the two.

Iyale Okan. Gbegborun

And do not spy or backbite each other. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his brother when dead? You would detest it. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Accepting of repentance and Merciful.”

(Surah Al-Hujurat 49:12)


These ones are always sniffing around for flaws, they insult, they mock, they criticise, they do every thing just to get under your skin, I’m not over exaggerating, but these people can tamper with your sanity, your well-being and even your mental health. If you know them, stay away from them. They are Cruel and Savage.

For this category, I will be using BbNaija2018 as an Example.

I know someone who carries her weave for than a month and when Cee-C from BB naija carried her weave for 3 weeks, my friend wrote on social media.

Other female housemates have removed their weaves except Cee-C, very dirty girl forming posh’

You find these people everywhere; your workplace, your class, and right now, On Social media. Especially ON TWITTER.
The dumb-critics incessantly comment on people’s flaws. Some of them are insecure, commenting on other’s flaws soothes their insecurities. They can’t be classified as backbiters because they find higher joy in criticising you in front of you, they love to watch your heart weep knowing it’s the power of their words.
They are truculent, savage and I think most Nigerians that troll on social media fall under this category.

Cee C is so short, short people always have behavioural issues, they are proud, they seek attention, they command respect, blame it on her height’

This was said by a twitter user.

Please, I’m looking for the person that tweeted this. I WANT TO SLAP HER ?

Oh God, Cee C, A Lawyer doesn’t know the meaning of totology

Anti , it is tautology, not totology


“Don’t mock one another nor defame one another …and don’t give hurtful nicknames to others to tease them. Ir is a terrible thing to insult your brother….

(Surah Al-Hujurat 49: 11)

It’s a Wrap Guys! ????????

P.S This list is not intentionally drafted to hurt anyone, like I said. It is just a rant. And Yes, this List is really sentimental, I have come across people that fit into every category on the list so Yes I have personal reasons for choosing the categories and Yes, My Examples are real too, experienced examples, lol.

So guys, is there a category you can’t tolerate on my list, are there some set of people you can’t tolerate but aren’t among the list. I’m curiousssss??, let me know in the comment section.

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Azeeza Adeowu

Azeeza Adeowu

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  1. Avatar

    First of all. I laughed real hard. Then i thought about the effort it took to put this together. Bravo! And the verses from the Qur’an, Brilliant!
    I won’t pretend to be a saint though, I’ve done one or two of these things and I am NOT Proud.
    I recently read something. The late Chinua Achebe Said “He who will hold another down in the mud, must stay in the mud to keep him there.”

  2. Avatar

    I love this post. It’s an eye opener. And sometimes people need to know the truth about their actions and utterances and how it affects them and the society.
    Now to add my own. I cannot tolerate the ‘Olofofo’. I don’t know if its the appropriate term sha. All those puck nosers
    Person: Maryam please lemme look at your pictures
    Me: kindly hands over my phone
    2 mins later
    Person: oh my God! Is this your mum? Where did she take this picture?
    Are these your brothers? Are they wearing shoes?
    Is this your house?(No. It’s where I grow vegetables)
    Is this your sister? She’s a graduate? First class or second class upper? Wow your niece is beautiful. How old is your sister’s husband? Is your dad only married to your mum? Why?

    Auntie, do you want to marry him?

    1. Azeeza Adeowu

      Yesss O. Awon Amebo, they want to know everything all at once, it’s so tiring. And you have to keep replying them without sounding upset… ?????

    2. Azeeza Adeowu

      Yes oo. The Amebo, they want to know all, all at once. Sometimes their questions can get really tiring, and you have to keep replying them without sounding upset? ??

    3. Azeeza Adeowu

      Thanks Lurv! ??, no one is a saint jawe, there are some qualities I have that some people find annoying . Lol.
      I like that mud saying ?

  3. Avatar
    Augustina says:

    Oh Lord!…Zyzah is a genius ??, wow I love every bit of what you have written it’s full of creativity, and lots more. Keep it up darling???..

    1. Azeeza Adeowu

      Augustina ???

  4. Avatar
    The Saint says:

    Great, really nice piece, bless up Azeeza.

  5. Avatar

    Can’t tolerate selfish and inconsiderate friends..

    1. Azeeza Adeowu

      ??. May God safe us from them and make us one not.

  6. Avatar

    Babe, first of all I loveeeddd reading this post because it really is the truth of life. So many different kinds of people, you wonder how they got their mentality. This list is so me. And oh, another type I cannot tolerate is related to ‘backbiters’ and ‘dumb critics’, like those haters on Instagram especially.
    I say that because, unlike the backbiters, they are actually saying crap and mean things about you ON YOUR PAGE(although some of the things might hit too close to home because they JUST might have an iota of truth in it) and unlike the dumb critics, pretty much all of them are either ghost accounts or ‘private’, so it’s like getting hit publicly by people but these people don’t have their accounts public .

    1. Azeeza Adeowu

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading it??. What name shall we give those ones? Most of them open fake accounts just to say crap of people’s page. ?

  7. Avatar
    Timmie says:

    I don’t like the 2 faced/pretenders. Those who pretend they are one thing but are another thing.

  8. […] 5 Types Of Behavior I Can’t Tolerate.  […]

  9. Avatar
    Sommiie says:

    Hahaha i loved this. How are we friends sef? I fit into 3 out of 5 on a good day. I’m trying to change sha o. I’ve stopped clearing road on Twitter.

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