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5 Books That Broke My Poor Heart and Made Me Cry Hard

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And may make you cry too. 😢
I’ve reached a stage where reading fiction or watching movies doesn’t feel like experiencing something made up. Nooo!!! It’s not made up! Don’t argue with me, plis dears.
Once you see me hiding my face while reading or seeing a movie, just know your sista is trying to hide her tears .😭
I made a list of books that broke my heart and made me cry. Oh God. My heart breaks again.

Get your hankies ready before you read any of these books darlings.

1. The Blue Between Sky And Water by Susan Abulhawa

I think I’m particularly drawn to stories about families and this right here is one. It tells a multi generational story about a Pakistani family and how the Arab-Israeli wars shaped their lives.

May Allah AWJ relieve the pains and distress of every surviving victim of wars.

I was warned before reading Susan Abulhawa but nothing prepared my poor heart for this heartbreak. This book is so beautiful, I think it may make my best reads of 2019.

I haven’t read a book or a story that tampered strongly with my emotions like this book did and I’ve never met so many beautiful and resilient characters packed in a book. Lord, I’m crying again!!

Oh, find me.

I’ll be in that blue

Between sky and water

Where all time is now

And we are the forever

— Susan Abulhawa

2. Half Of A Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:

When I read Half of a Yellow sun, it was my first time learning about the Biafra war from the perspective of people who were affected by the war.

The book tells about the Biafra war through the eyes of Olanna and her nonidentical twin, Kainene, Olanna’s husband, Odenigbo, their houseboy, Ugwu and Richard, an Englishman.

Adichie is a great storyteller and this didn’t feel like fiction to me. No way. It is real

The descriptions were too vivid and there’s no way you won’t be moved by the effects of a war that happened before I was born. I cried while reading the book and when I closed the book, I couldn’t help it.

📷: Goodreads

3. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini:

I think this is the first book that explored male friendship that I’ve read. It’s beautiful. It is about Amir and Hassan and the Afghan tragedies.
The book is about redemption. The past is so powerful. I’m currently reading a book that shows how mistakes we’ve made or events that happened in the past can shape our lives in a way that we have no control over.
Amir is haunted by the past and “Come. There’s a way to be GOOD again”.

There a verse in the Quran that talks about how to erase your bad deeds, you guessed right. It’s by doing more good!

Don’t just keep dwelling on mistakes. Be like Amir, find a way to be good again.

A vivid account of Afghanistan’s tragedies was displayed in the book, —from the invasion of the Russian forces to the extremism and violence of the Talibans. God, it’s so sad and Khaled Hosseini knew just how to draw you into the tragedies.

4. An American Marriage by Tayari Jones:

Has a book ever made you both angry and sad? Here it is.

Oh, racism is shitty and sad and terrible and this story tells how racism amongst other things ruined a marriage.

A marriage that may or may not have been perfect.

An American Marriage is a story about Roy, Celestial and Andre. Roy, a black man was incarcerated for raping a woman he didn’t rape.

He was with his wife the night the woman was raped but who would believe a black man and his wife? He was sent to prison and during that time, Celestial, his wife of a year and half went into a relationship with his friend (her childhood friend).

The book is so sad. Although the author tried to make the ending as “not sad” as possible, see it didn’t do it for me. I was just crying and crying and I was angry at everyone in the book. Even the author. How can you make me cry so much?

Read Funmi’s beautiful review here

5. The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma:

This book struck a chord. It’s an highlight for me in 2018.

I really love stories about families and this is about four brothers and Chigozie Obioma obviously knew that a story told by a child has more tendency to pierce your heart than an adult. So he used a child’s voice, (the youngest brother) to narrate the story.
The story tells how a prophecy from a mad man changed the lives of a family. O ti sad ju. Just read my review here.

5 books that made me cry

Now tell me yours? Do you see anything familiar?

Tell me a book that made you so sad? 👇

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    Thank you for the mention. The Kite Runner made me cry!! A Thousand Splendid Suns too! Khaled Hosseini is such a powerful writer.

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