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I’m Azeeza Adeowu. I usually tell people I do not like labels, however, I found myself writing labels as my tagline. Introvert. African. Woman. Muslim.

I think I do not like labels because they segregate human beings. It leaves humans with that constant reminder that they are different from others, that others are different from them. This is the cause of many of the problems in the world. Our differences.

However, I think labels also gift you an identity. A sense of belonging. A deeper sense of who you are, identity can explain yourself to you, to other people. So, hi, I’m Azeeza. I’m a pretty loud introvert, an African, and Woman and a Muslim.

I’m a graduate of Biochemistry from Nasarawa State University, Keffi. People  assume I must have made a mistake going to science class, they assume I have no passion for science. It’s untrue. I’m a really curious person and I’ve always been particularly curious about the body. How the food digests, why saliva rushes to my mouth when the Sharwama is almost ready, why I feel annoyance few days to my monthly period, how blisters appear on my wound.

I’m a storyteller. I do not like the label writer for myself because I think writing is a form of storytelling, calling myself a writer in a way means I have chosen writing as my only form of storytelling.

Storytelling could be how I choose to wear my hair, could be through photography.

I’m drawn to stories, I’m attracted to stories and my imagination is weird, so weird that when I shake a stranger or sit beside someone in the taxi, I have already imagined thousand words. I tell stories, I find stories, stories find me.

I’m a ranter and I’m opinionated. I’m trying to be independent and open minded with my opinions. It’s hard work, to learn, unlearn and relearn.

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I take pictures of things that interest me, especially of books, hands (I have pretty hands, lol, I’m not even proud 🤭), half of my face, pictures of my back (it always looks mysterious. I love mysterious.) Most of the pictures on the blog are mine except for the featured categories and if stated otherwise.

I’m a lover of ice cream, especially at that moment when the scoop is about to dissolve completely in my mouth, oh lord. I love to eat ice cream with my eyes closed, it’s the best way to savour the taste.

I’m the first of 4 children and I get comments like “you don’t look like the first child?” as though I’m supposed to be walking around with the burden of a “first child” on my head.

If you don’t catch me reading, writing, listening to music or podcast, seeing movies, talking walks, you will definitely catch me fangirling beautiful people or stalking my crushes on Instagram. My crushes are always changing and don’t be surprised when today I say that I’m crushing on Ik Osakioduwa (oh God, the way he speaks) and tomorrow I tell you it’s 6lack (please sing me to sleep).

I also stalk books, cats and lord, dreadlocks 😍😭. I can’t wait to show off my dreadlocks which is non-existent at the moment by the way.

I created The Zyzah to give my voice and your voice a home, to give my stories, our stories a home.

The dream is to have my own Magazine Company and a TV show that celebrate our Voices and Stories.

Thank you for visiting The Zyzah.